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 65. Bulbuls
 69. Babblers IV (Fulvettas,
      Minlas And Sibias
 73. Mangrove Whistler And       Flycatchers I
 77. Prinias, Scrub       Warbler, Grassbirds
      and Cisticolas
 81. Robins And Redstarts I
 85. Shortwings And
      Turdus Thrushes
 89.  Wagtails
 93. Accentors, Mountain
     Finches And      Snowfinches
 66. Babblers I (Jungle And
      Wren Babblers) And
      Winter Wren
 70. Babblers V (Parrotbills,      Yuhinas, Myzornis
      And Timalia)
 74. Flycatchers II
 78. Reed And 'Tree'
 82. Robins And Redstarts II,
      Rock Chat, Shama,
      Forktails And Dippers
 86. Tits
 90. Spiderhunters,
      White-Eyes And
 94.  Finches
 67. Babblers II (Scimitar,
      Tree And Tit Babblers)
 71. Babblers VI (Babaxes,       Barwings And
      Laughingthrushes I)
 75. Monarch Flycatchers,       Fantails,
      Flycatcher-Warblers,       Goldcrest, Tesias And
      Tit Warblers
 79. Tailorbirds and
      Sylvia Warblers
 83. Wheatears, Stonechats
      And Bushchats
 87. Creepers And       Nuthatches
 91. Flowerpeckers,
      Avadavats, And Munias
 95. Rosefinches And Allies
 68. Babblers III (Turdoides, Leiothrix, Mesia, Cutia, Shrike Babblers
 72. Babblers VII
      (Liocichla And       Laughingthrushes II)
 76. Bush And
      Grasshopper Warblers
 80. Leaf Warblers
 84. Rock, Whistling And
      Zoothera Thrushes,
      Grandala, Cochoas
 88. Pipits
 92. Sparrows, Petronias,       Weavers, Chaffinch
      And Brambling
 96. Buntings

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